Monday, August 4, 2014

No Fear

Fear vs Love

     If nothing else in the past year I have been paying better attention.  Attention to the little things.  The innate.  Less attention to the things in life that demand attention.  I have hit a stride this year that is hard, solid, and pressing.  I just don't waste time on thinking about it.  I just do it.  What that amounts to is very little of me left.  My discretionary time.  It has been a wonderful growing experience.

     I am very happy!  In my journey, I wondered if I could ever really ever say that outright.  I can.  In reflecting many things have contributed to this evolution.  Day to day it is still work, don't get me wrong.

     In the crazy world we live in it is important to seek and find ones own balance.  I have listened to many talks on 'fear vs love'.  I have defined it for myself.  It is amazing when you really start paying  attention to the amount of 'fear' infused into the world we live in.  Fear begets fear, begets fear, feeds more fear into your soul and on and on.

     Looking back in our lifetimes I wonder when did it turn from total freedom, 'the world is your cup and it is up to you to drink up' to the 'run in fear and stash your amo' paranoia that we see today.  I was raised with total freedom.  We had solid rules and great morales.  I would be loath to admit that as children we were raised in the wide open country, semi-ferral, with a beautiful balance of rules and consequences.

     Everybody has their story.  I believe everyone goes through smooth and rough periods in their life's journey.  It is how we as an individual handle them that counts.  Stay away from the 'misery loves company' people.  Surround yourself with positivity in whatever form that it comes in for you.  Walk away from the drama,  just walk away.  No stinkin' thinkin'!

     Identify that FEAR is the enemy.  I believe that it is insidious and invasive, like a bad weed.  The media thrives on negativity, drama, and fear.  The politicians try to cast the spell of fear big enough on their opposition that we align ourselves with the lesser of two fears.  The 'bad guys' are going to get us. The bad virus is going to get us.  The solar flares are going to get us. Our food is going to get us. Even in my day to day job, I have to focus on identifying the underlying lesion... so it doesn't get our loved ones.  It's on the radio, somebody done somebody wrong song.  It's on television.  It's on the internet.

    Fear.  Just identify it and walk away from it.  

     Most of what culminates in us we buy into.  Either agreements that we accepted along the way or mores that were fed to us at a young age.  Mental and spiritual strength allows you to control WHAT you think and how you think it.  Buy into good.  Buy into positivity. Believe in what ever your spiritual belief/religion is --- if it is based on positive goodness, and not fear.  Walk your path out of love not fear.  

Be the change.



ADDENDUM:  This sounds like advise.  I actually wrote this as a reminder to myself.  No Fear.  Focus always on Love.  Another step in the journey.