Monday, July 2, 2012

"A Working Dog"


I've seen the Rocky Mountains
And the Gulf of Mexico,
The California surfers
And palm trees by the row.

I've read the works of Shakespeare
And seen Picasso's paint,
The sounds of concert pianists
And heard the bagpipes quaint.

And all of these have thrilled me,
but not one could compare
With watching herding dogs a-working,
A single or a pair.

There's magic in each movement
Than Mozart never had,
And beauty in each turn
That makes my heart feel glad.

There's feeling in the handling
That only poets know,
Or wo/men that work with stock dogs
And feel the teamwork grow.

Wherever life may take you
In sunshine or in fog,
You'll never quite forget it
When once you've worked a dog.

          -Author Unknown